My Recent Water Therapy Experience

Basically, aquatic therapy uses water (duh!) and it makes awkward joint exercises a lot easier to perform. I wanted something easy on the knees especially after my running injury. The warmth of the water in therapeutic pools and the soothing effects help in loosening stiff muscles, especially for arthritis patients. The hydrostatic pressure you get in pool water is another reason to delight in water therapy. I noticed my knee pain decreased the moment I immersed myself.

Water enhances flexibility, supports weak muscles, and improves motions.  People with arthritis, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and chronic diseases can all comfortably exercise in water. It was easy to move around in the water and the therapist told me that a lot of the weight bearing stress is reduced due to the buoyancy pool water . The warmth of the water in therapeutic pools and the soothing effects definitely help in loosening stiff muscles, especially for arthritis. By exercising in the pool, vasodilation of the blood vessels takes place.  So when I’m almost or completely submerged in water, there is always a drastic improvement of blood circulation. The advantage of being submerged in water is that pressure is experienced equally in all parts of the body. Respiratory muscles  work harder in water and since water pressure is always balanced it’s easy to move in the water. I don’t really need to be afraid of getting hurt or falling.  I’m thinking of getting my own exercise therapy pool at home. I’m looking over a few, I really like the iPool the price looks good but I’m going to think about and see what matches with what I really want. All I can say is even though it feels great to be in the water  it’s never going to replace hiking and camping for me!