Hop over to Savannah, Georgia for a great Southern time. Sit back and relax while while having some iced tea; it might even have a peach flavor. Y’all are welcome to come down and have a lazy time or have a rip-roaring good time in Savannah. Down-home cooking can be found almost everywhere and there is almost an endless list of enjoyable, family oriented things to do. History is written on the streets of this city and for history buffs this can be a place of wonder. Museums that hold artifacts from the Civil War and sites that tell a tale of their own can be found in the historic district.

Having a fun time while in Savannah can also come in the form of theme parks and cooking schools that offer dinner to their patrons. One of the great attractions in Savannah is the theater that runs all year round. The shows are culturally diverse enough to attract any theater lover to attend. Another of the many attractions in Savannah are the cemeteries. There are also ghost tours available for the lovers of the spooky and supernatural. This city is inundated with lively nightlife. There are pubs, clubs and saloons that feature piano bars and dance music.