Atlanta is so much more than just one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Atlanta has history, culture, fun, and sports. The city of Atlanta was founded in 1850 with a small group of people and has grown massively in the couple hundred years since.

Since Atlanta has such a huge population, there are many activities to do that will appeal to everyone in the family. Visit downtown Atlanta where the headquarters of one of the most popular soda makers resides. Daily tours are offered as well as free drinks.

If the family loves sports, Atlanta has plenty to offer. Almost every professional sport has a team in Atlanta, ranging from baseball – Atlanta Braves, to football – Atlanta Falcons, to basketball – Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta also allows visitors to walk through what is left of the olympic park that housed the 1996 Olympics.

For those wishing to relocate and be a part of the five million people who already call Atlanta home, real estate prices are reasonable and there are many great neighborhoods to raise a family. Crime is not a huge problem in Atlanta but if you are worried and want more information about crime rates in different neighborhoods, check out this website about atlanta home security. Come visit Atlanta and fall in love right away.